Grow Your Health at Home! The Ultimate Guide For Growing Ginger in a Pot

The process of planting and growing ginger in your home is very simple and easy. The fresh ginger is a great addition in your nutrition, and also it is useful for making home remedies. Now you can grow ginger in a pot.

Growing ginger in a pot

Buy fresh ginger root in your closest supermarket or store.


Put the root in a bowl with warm water and leave it overnight.


In a large pot, put soil and add a good compost because it supplies the nutrition and also holds the water.


Plant the ginger just below the surface of the soil and space the pieces evenly apart.


Put the pot with the planted ginger in a place with light shade at a temperature of 24 – 29°C, because this plant comes from Asia and it need warmer climate.


At first, water it lightly, then when the shoots appear – more heavily. In winter, keep the plants dry while they are dormant.


After 10 – 12 months, the ginger will be mature and 0.6 – 1.2 m or 2 – 4 feet high.


You can dig up new sprouts that appear or to replant them in some other place, so they will form new rhizomes, or you can just use them.


Source: wikiHow