People Suffer Of The Chemo Not The Cancer

The stats of the National Cancer Institute say:

  • In 2016, there are new cancer cases (1,685,210) in USA and 595,690 die from that.
  • Common cancer types are breast, bronchus and lung cancer also prostate, rectum, colon, bladder, melanoma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, thyroid, kidney, pelvis, leukemia, pancreas and endometrial cancer.
  • New numbers for cancer cases is 454.8 in 100.000 men/women a year (2008-2012)
  • Cancer mortality number is 171.2 in 100.000 people, 2008-2012
  • Men with cancer die more than women (207.9 in 100.000) and the least is in Asian and Pacific women (91.2 in 100.000) (for 2008-2012)
  • Those living beyond cancer diagnoses is 14.5 millions in 2014. By 2024 it will reach 19 million.
  • 6% men and women will get this diagnosis sometime in their life (2010-2012)
  • In 2014, 15.780 children and teenagers up to 19 years old will get cancer diagnosis and 1.960 died.
  • The reserves for cancer in USA are almost $125 billion in 2010 and in 2020 might be $156 billion

People Suffer Of The Chemo Not The Cancer

Sadly, stats show 1 of 2 men and 1 of 3 women will get cancer sometime. Even worse is that there is no official cure for cancer and all the studies make situations just worse.

The Berkley doctor Hardin B Jones was a professor for medical physics and physiology. He said chemo is worthless and a fake thing just for making money. Doctors are pro chemo just to make more money for themselves.

An average medicating will cost $300.000 and $1.000.000.

During these 25 years, Dr. Jones studied more and said that chemo is even harmful for cancer patients. Those that refuse the chemo live longer by 12 years more or less than chemo patients. Those with chemo have died in the first 3 years of the therapy. He also add that breast cancer patients who dislike this treatment live 4 times longer.

The costs in America for capita healthcare are $8.713 more than other nations and life span is about 78.8 years. This is because healthcare and media focus on curing instead teaching and preventing. So we need more education about cures and treatments. To have a healthy diet, workouts, enjoying, less stress is all important for better health and longer life.