Oral sex is good for women’s health

Dear men, the next time you try to persuade your lady for an oral satisfaction, just show her the text below.

Tell her it is good for her health and it is the best antidepressant. According to a study done to 293 women with a completely different sex life, several conclusions have been reached.

The semen contains chemicals that improve women’s mood, increase the connection, cure sleeplessness and are excellent antidepressants.
The researchers have also claimed that women, who have regular oral sex, have better results in psychological tests.
The semen also contains oxytocin, a hormone which increases the level of happiness.

Out of 293 women, a part said they have oral sex with protection, and a part without. Those who have had oral sex without protection had significantly decreased symptoms of depression compared to the couples who had used protection.
As a final conclusion, the oral sex has almost the same effect to women as the sex itself, whose advantages are well known.