One Woman Had Turmeric And Warm Water In The Morning For A Whole Year. Interesting Results

Turmeric is something really popular these days. It was even more used centuries back in tradition and cultures.

This is a spice of great nutrition and really healthy too. Also it is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. did you know it stops early aging too?

More than 7000 studies examined it and said it is wonderful due to the curcuma ingredient.

It is easy to find, healthy and really cheap. But, turmeric water is the perfect beverage, an English woman of Bristol did this recipe for a whole year.

So, firstly, her pH was perfect level. Digestion was great too and she had alkalized the body nicely. Also, arthritis was gone and all this in just a year.

One Woman Had Turmeric And Warm Water In The Morning For A Whole Year. Interesting Results

Prepare it!

Get a glass of warm water and add 1 tsp turmeric ground or powder, some black pepper a pinch and stir. Drink while still not cooled.

These are the benefits:

  1. Alkalized body- this is alkaline and cancer can only thrive in acid areas.
  2. Good health- curcuma removes the blood vessel plaque and blood clots. The Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin had a publication of a study from Niigata University for Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences of Japan. They stated that having turmeric for 21 days improves heart health, and rats were the examples.
  3. Protection of brain- experts say that low levels of growth hormone or Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor BDNF is the connection of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Also, curcuma levels the hormone and takes care of brain problem preventing.
  4. Reversed diabetes 2- in 2009 Auburn University there was a study from Biochemistry and Biophysical research Communications. Turmeric is disease fighter. Enough said.
  5. No cancer- curcuma prevents cancer spreading since it is antioxidant and shield cells.
  6. No inflammation- every or almost all problems are from inflammations. Curcuma prevents this.
  7. Less arthritis pain- the study stats of RA in 2012 stated that curcuma is non-steroid and anti-inflammation in effects and better than meds. The example is Diclofenac and curcuma beats it.
  8. Good digestion- it improves digestion and bowel movements.
  9. Liver protection- the gallbladder and liver must cleanse of toxins all the time. And this ingredient does that so these organs are refreshed and rejuvenated.
  10. Slow aging and longer life- curcuma eliminates free radicals and this is the reason for staying youthful.