One Hour After Drinking Soda – This Is What Happens To Your Body


10 teaspoons of sugar enter your system. This 10 teaspoons is a 100% of the recommended daily intake, and the reason why you don’t vomit from the overwhelming sweetness is because that phosphoric acid cuts the flavor.


The blood sugar spikes, the liver reacts to the insulin burst by turning huge amounts of sugar into fat.


The absorption of caffeine is completed, the blood pressure rises, the pupils dilate and the liver throws more and more sugar into the bloodstream.


The body increases the production of dopamine and that stimulates the brain’s pleasure centers – a physically same response to that of the Heroin.


Now the sugar crash starts. Enjoy!

Here are some shocking facts for the soda.
  • Actually the sugar is more addictive than cocaine
  • Just one soda per day increases the risk for diabetes by 85 percent!
  • Just one additional can of soda can add 15 pounds to the weight in just one year.
  • If you drink soda, stopping that bad habit is the best way to improve the health.

Much better choice is the water, or if you want to drink a carbonated drink, then try sparkling mineral water with a squirt of lemon or lime juice. There is no reason that your children should ever drink soda. Don’t be irresponsible. Cut the soda and take care of your health.