One Farmer From the Chicken Factory Speaks Out the Truth

The chicken factory farms are particularly out of reach to anyone who is outside of the industry, despite chicken being the most popular meat in America.

Leah Garces from Compassion in World Farming said that was the first time that she had been invited by a contract farmer that is working for one of the biggest integrators in the country.

Craig Watts, the contract poultry producer with Perdue farms, is open to anything because this thing is not as advertised, and there are a lot of flaws in the system: the farmer’s being jerked around.

The chicken from the Perdue farm is USDA Process Verified. The USDA calls that “Humanely Raised” and consumers are paying for it.

Today, the consumer is interested to know how those chickens are raised and what they have been eating before it gets to the table, according to the farmer. It is about trust and trusting the company. Doing the proper thing is things like treating the chickens humanely.

The farmer said that the chickens are not happy and definitely not healthy.

Over the course of 6 weeks, in a building with 30,000 chickens, it is considered like a normal thing that more than 1,000 birds to die in every flock due to genetic problems, illness or other problems including injuries.

Craig is not even permitted to give them fresh air or sunshine.

There is nothing humane and natural about that scene. No matter how they spin it, the factory farming cannot be humane or natural, not for the farmers, not for the chickens, and not for the consumers.

Watch the video to hear and see the full story.