An Older Man Became Healthy From the Terminal Cancer by Having Cannabis Oil!

The cancer is a trillion dollar industry and experts say that chemo and similar toxins with similar meds cure the cancer!

They claim the toxic meds and medical interventions boost the survival and they swear by chemo, radiation and similar treatments and even say the healthy cells are intact and this of course is a LIE!

These statements are awful lies. This is poison for the body. Chemo and radiation harm us. They are pure poison killers. And this modern medicine cure of cancer even causes secondary cancers.

Dr. Dave Mihailovic the naturopath doctor expertized in vaccines and prevention to cancers. He stated that never has chemo cured someone from the cancer per se. the chemo only soothes the signs of cancer but never cures it. There are always side effects. Many people do not know this truth. Also by this curing, healthy cells produce some protein that makes more tumor cells and makes them stronger!

In the cancer treatments, tumors respond to curing well and then they regrow more and more and chemo is worthless in the end.

Stan Rutner story

Barb is 77 and Stan is 80. They were a couple for 59 years and both have had cancer. Stan was a dentist with a mini-business when he got the diagnosis of non-Hodgkin lymphoma 25 years ago and Barb had breast cancer twice.

Stan recalls that he thought he only had flu, cold something like that. Cancer was not on his mind at all.

After a treatment of 6 months, Stan got into remission in 1989. He kept his life as normally. He never thought he would get the cancer again in 2011 since he had the treatment. His first symptoms were coughs, but overall he was okay.

He made a medical appointment and they said it was stage 1 pneumonia. There were weird lung spots, the doctor said, that needed examining after the pneumonia was gone. Few tests more and the spots were cancer.

The final diagnosis was lung cancer stage 4 and metastasis to the brain.

The doctor was harsh and devastated and didn’t use sugar coating at all. It was worse; the cancer even got to the brain.

Life of Stan became worse and worse rapidly

The radiation and chemo were tough for Stan. After he started the curing, he lost weight, had nausea, fatigue and he perished slowly.

Barb remembers how he looked worse every day. He was thin and they ended the radiation on June 25th and he got in the hospital at July 13th when he had radiation pneumonitis. It was hospital visit number 3 and he stayed for a week of oxygen treatment all the time. He then received palliative care.

His doctors diagnosed only weeks of life left and told him to take hospice, on august 12th, 2001.

Then the couple had alternative treatments to try them also and avoid the death diagnosis! They tried reiki, acupuncture and even visualization but it was all for nothing. Barb managed these well for the breast cancer, but for him it was not efficient.

Their daughter, Corine and her husband John Malanca analyzed the cannabis as cure for Stan.

Barb said that both Corine and John researched the medical cannabis and were afraid, since Stan was almost anorexic and had nausea all the time. Corine advised the medical cannabis with coconut oil. It is a form of a yellow capsule and Stan started these in November 2011. At first he took 1/3 capsule in mornings, and then 2 weeks later he quit the oxygen doctors gave him.

Stan tried the cannabis and he had only things to gain , nothing to lose. He added that he had no hesitation. He was dying and this was the last resort.

His turnaround

In few weeks, he improved a lot and gained weight. He slept better and got stronger. He even threw his walker cane and the oxygen too and got into workout classes. It was amazing. After few months of the cannabis treatment he checked the MRI again.

Barb said that in January 27th, 2013 he got the results of the brain MRI. It was AMAZING. Metastasis were gone! The doctor thought this was a miracle. They now swear by the cannabis, the whole family.

Then, Barb and Stan attended their daughter’s wedding

Corine never thought her dad would attend her wedding, but he still uses the cannabis and still gets healthier each day!