This Oil Can Remove Cancer Cells In The Colon By 93% In Just 2 days!

In USA, colon cancer is often seen and is the 2nd reason for death of cancer. The problem with this cancer is that signs are too vague and unnoticed and people discover it in late stages.

Even though it causes too much deaths by a year level, we can discover on time if we know how.

This Oil Can Remove Cancer Cells In The Colon By 93% In Just 2 days!

Coconut oil can kill such cells!

Yes, believe it or not this oil is even more powerful in the last years since it has every health benefit there is!

It is the best source in the world of healthy fats, saturated fats by whole 90%. They are also found in nuts, seeds or fatty fish. Still, this oil is a proof of no side effects during chemo therapy and cancer treating.

One study that was published in Cancer Research Journal said the lauric acid in the coconut fights the cancer. Even 50% of this plant is with lauric acid, as the experts of the Adelaide University claimed. It even killed more than 90% cancer cells in the colon after 48 hours. Other studies also made similar great results.

Not just the cancer, but any bad pathogens in the bodies are removed with coconut. Truly, the lauric acid is potent and causes oxidative stress to cancer cells, so it reduces the glutathione level.

Many experts will deny this just for the sake of in vitro experiments in the future, i.e., cancer cells are out of the bio system. Such experiments need to be funded by a  load of money and without pharmaceutical industries there will be none.