Not Enough Of This Vitamin Makes Your Joints And Back Hurt

no-vitamin-makes-joints-back-hurtUsually, people think that pain is normal as we age and get older.  We think that creaking joints are nothing serious, or swollen joints are just normal after a long day of walking or other activities. These pains are just a sign of a vitamin deficiency.

If your back or joints hurt, it can stop you from doing everyday activities as a normal healthy person. Stop the pain in time – be active and energetic, instead of wallowing in pain. Read and learn how and why this happens to you.

It is simple why these back’s and joints’ pains happen…

The back or joints pain are NOT always due to aging! Yes, you read well! They are mostly caused by the bad diets we have.

A study showed that joint aches are linked to vitamin D deficiency and it is hard to reach the needed daily dose of this vitamin, in particular if you are not often exposed to sunlight or a healthy diet.

These pains become even worse, according to scientists, because this deficiency has a tendency to last a long time! Over the years, it can result in arthritis and severe bone problems.

Do you need more vitamin D?

If you lack amounts of this vitamin, your body will tell you for sure. But it’s also easy to ignore and neglect the symptoms if you had them for years, but it might not be too late. Not just the back or joints, other problems include:

  • Burning effect on the feet
  • Bad balance
  • Insomnia or bad sleeping
  • Leg aching

Test this out to see if you need to react as soon as possible. Apply pressure on your chest bone, or the sternum. If you feel strange pain instantly, you need more of vitamin D. Simple as that.

Ways to get it more!

By now you know what absence of this vitamin causes, so it’s time to consider options in resolving the deficiency.

Logically, the best option is Sun. Healthy and safe exposure to sunlight. Even 10 minutes daily is great to strengthen the bones. Of course, depending on the season or country you live in, it can be a problem to enjoy the Sun.

If this is the case, food is another option. Eat a lot of salmon, tuna, mushrooms, mackerel and whole eggs (yes, the yolk especially!).  But, since the Sun or the food are not enough, this vitamin out of all the vitamins needed, is the most prone to be absorbed through supplements.

The benefit of taking vitamin D pill supplement

Taking these pills or supplements will not harm you at all; it will just balance out your diet and keep you strong longer. Read the labels well; the supplement must contain D3, NOT D2! Why? Because D3 is the same vitamin our bodies make NATURALLY when exposed to the Sun, and this is what we strive for.

The best suggestion for D3 is “Pro D3”. It has in itself 5000 IU of vitamin D, which is an excellent amount. It also has probiotic effects, which means healthier digestive system functions and gut bacteria.