Never Do Certain Things While You Have The Period. Here They Are…

Men usually think women are over emotional because of a period. So, try to avoid these things while you have the period and solve this once and for all.

Never Do Certain Things While You Have The Period. Here Are They…

It is hard to wake up, to be physical and active and men sometimes are right when they complain about that sensitivity of ours.  Avoid these things:

  1. Exercise- you feel chubby and bloated but that is just the period. Hold on for just a few days. You can rest these days and avoid having stains in the clothes.
  2. Eat chocolate- don’t trust every cliché. You certainly don’t need tons of sweets for those days, you won’t benefit a lot from it. Eat candy bars and just a few!
  3. Ice cream- think twice before you dig in the bucket of this dessert. It has tons of sugars and fats and is the same as junk food in calories. This is the same with cheeses and cheesecakes. Avoid side dishes and creams on the side and just limit yourself to one small scoop gelato with no plus sugars.
  4. Caffeine- for all you coffee addicts this might be hard but worth it. Doctors state this is bad for cramps and make period irregular on the long run. It also makes you sleep less and be more depressed. Some teas have caffeine but they are better option than coffee. Also, stop with the energy drinks!
  5. Alcohol- this beverage makes PMS worse and cramps worse too so avoid it for a few days. Also it thins your blood and makes it flow more so you least want this. After one glass you see this happening, so switch to tea.
  6. Fast food- if you are inactive you will get food on drive thru and similar ways. That craving must be resisted and snack something healthy.
  7. Fights and arguments- if you feel like fighting, you will ruin good mood and probably even relationships to people. It is not worth it.
  8. Housework- leave the piles in the kitchen or rags on the bathroom floors and try to rest. Don’t be miserable and torture yourself, instead relax. Get a book or rent a movie. Rest all the way.

Technically, during the period you can be active and do all these things from above, but it is better to rest or nap. Whatever makes you feel comfortable.