All you need to know about cellulite

All around the world women face one common problem – the cellulite. The orange crust on their legs and the behind is especially uncomfortable during the summer. Yet, cellulite can be removed, although it takes some time.

There are three kinds of cellulite

The cellulite is in fact deposition of layers of fat on the body, and it is even more visible when the muscles are weak and undefined. There are three kinds of cellulite.

  • Hard cellulite – hard on touch, you can feel it moving when you touch the cellulite spot, and you can see it without pinching. It is deeper and harder to remove.
  • Adipose (fatty) cellulite is soft and painless when pinch it. It can usually be noticed on the hips and thighs, and it is caused by too much fat in the food and the poor physical activity.
  • Edemic cellulite is soft on touch. It is lightly visible without pinching, and the skin is lightly wrinkled. This type of cellulite appears as a result of circulation problems and too much sitting.

You need to reveal the cellulite phase if you want to make it disappear. There are four phases:

  1. There isn’t any visible cellulite, even when you pinch yourself.
  2. The cellulite is not visible when standing, but if you pinch the spot you will notice it right away
  3. The cellulite is visible when you are standing, but can disappear when lying.
  4. Visible no matter of the body position

When you determine the phase, only then you can fight the cellulite. That means changing of your life habits.

You have to walk!

Cellulite appears on the body parts with weak blood circulation. If you don’t practice any physical activity, try massaging and heating the skin when taking a shower. If you decide to do more exercising, running would be your best choice, also swimming and fast walking.

Home treatment

You can turn the time for taking a shower into small treatments that can speed up the circulation. A good massage or a pilling can improve your skin condition.

Little things are the ones that matter

All women that do an office work have bigger chances of having a cellulite on legs and the behind. If you do physically inactive job, take breaks more often and walk around, drink a lot of liquids and try doing more walking in your free time.