Why You Need Himalayan Salt Lamp For Every Room. 10 Reasons!

Many of us say such lamps in the home are not healthy to have or safe. Other, think such pink lamps are nice and decorative but they feel like an open window in a house, 24/7.

These lamps make air fresh and pure and can be put anywhere. Office or living rooms or anywhere in the house.

Before you see all the reasons for such lamps owning, a chemistry explanation first.

Everything in our surroundings is a molecule or group of molecules. They have atoms and 3 types particles. The protons are positive charge and electrons negative, while neutrons are neutral and no charged.  As planets go around stars so do electrons and molecules.

If an electron goes away in air, a positive ion comes along behind and wants to fit. You might misunderstand this but it means the ion steals a spot from the molecules.

The various molecule forms are the reason why some things lose electrons more than others. The electrons in the outside orbit, their strength and bonds are the main differences in molecules and losing electrons.

Why You Need Himalayan Salt Lamp For Every Room. 10 Reasons!

Now after all this you get to know the 10 reasons to purchase a salt lamp.

  1. Clean air- the best benefit of them all. These pink lamps remove pollen, dust, smoke and pollutants. Other people are still afraid to get them for pure air. This lamp is also much more than just purifier. It is called hygroscopy or absorbing molecules of water of our environment. Also means getting foreign particles inside the salt. The bulb makes the lamp warm and water goes in vapor up to gather harmful items in the air.
  2. Less allergy and asthma- since lamps collect such harmful particles, they ease up the allergies. After week or two, asthma patients will feel better. That salt is amazing for breathing environment and even It is sometimes put in inhalers.
  3. No cough- when this salt is heated, the lamp changes the molecules charge with the hygroscopy. All houses have positive ions that harm us. This is due to modern gadgets that release them but other sources too. To inhale these ions means exposed lungs to toxins. There are microscope hairs called cilia and they are on the windpipe and trachea walls. The Himalayan salt gets all the water molecules off the air and releases clean back in the room with the negative ions. This makes the cilia work easier and lungs healthier. Keep in mind, absorption of such materials make this lamp a cure for each room.
  4. More energy- we all want to walk in parks and enjoy nature time. We all love morning showers and activities that make us boosted with energy. Such activities are full of negative ions around us and they are copies of the Himalayan salt ones. The positive ions get our energy and we feel drained. If you feel fatigue is never gone, just get a lamp like this for the room you mostly stay in.
  5. Neutralized electromagnetic radiation effect- these modern ages mean a lot of such harmful radiation from electro-gadgets in homes or offices. TV, PC, tablet, cell phone and other items are all harm. It is not visible, this negative effect on us, still it makes us anxious, with insomnia, fatigue and bad immunity. The salt lamp neutralizes all this with releasing negative ions. Also, get one for your garden.
  6. Better sleep- the positive ions make us restless. They drain energy from our blood and oxygen of the brain and disrupt a sleep. This lamp will make you sleep better. The air in the bedroom will be much better. If you like all dark rooms, the lamp is not a must. Just let it turned on and only during the day. If the area is humid, these lamps can leak! Have a saucer under them in such cases.
  7. Better focus and mood- these lamps make you relaxed and happy. Due to the negative ions, you get more oxygen and blood flow and this means more serotonin – happy hormone.
  8. Anti-seasonal affective disorder- this light of the lamp is like sunshine in a way and even improves seasonal mood issues. Especially useful for the winters.
  9. Less static electricity in air- it is not deadly, but still not healthy. Makes you stressed, ashamed or even anxious. Attacks with no visibility from just kisses, hugs, handles or pets. It makes hair look bad and strange and you cannot touch surfaces or have strange glued things to the clothes. With this lamp – forget of these annoying facts.
  10. Eco friendly light- it doesn’t harm the nature in any way so in addition, it is estimated that these salt reserves are 80-600 tons and will last 350 years with this rate. Their basics is from neem – sustainable wood. Their bulbs require little energy or even a little candle!

How to make the right choice of such a lamp?

Keep an eye on the crystal size. If it is for a bedroom, you need 5.4 lb lamp. For the living room- 12 lb. a pound of crystal is enough for 4×4 room.

This lamp is also good for décor. Those of 15-18” with 50 lbs are a show!

Even collecting them is a great idea. First get the living room lamps, then for other rooms with gadgets too.

The salt holders are an interesting detail as well and can be moveable anywhere in the house.

The crystals can melt if there is humidity so keep them further from dishwashers or showers.

First results after a week, so be patient.

Natural cleaning of air

These lamps are just one way to get fresh air. You can keep plants that clean the air or find out internet ways on air cleaning the natural way.

Also switch to this salt for cooking, instead of regular white salt.

Source and image source: healthandhealthyliving.com