A neck without wrinkles

The neck is the part of the body where ageing signs initially appear, because the skin on the neck is thinnest and most sensitive to the UV rays. The amount of fat on the neck decreases in time, so the ability for renewal decreases as well, and that’s the reason for the wrinkles and the double chin. Besides the age factor, the irregular diet, the over excessive exposing to sun and the insufficient skin care can also affect over the appearance of wrinkles.

In order to slow this process down, you need to renew the neck epidermis with a peeling twice a week (we recommend the fruit pilings). Apply the piling cream on the neck and gently rub it from the bottom to the top of the neck. Do this on your neckline as well. Remove the dirt from your neck daily, with makeup removal crème, but bear in mind that you also need to clean the back of the neck, which is covered with the hair.

Apply the following advices in order to prevent the wrinkles:

-Sleep without a pillow, or on a small pillow, sleep on your back. You can prevent the double chin this way.

-Each morning practice the following exercises: Slowly stretch your neck, circle your head, and then place it on your breasts. Lean it to one side, then to the other, and return to the initial position.

-If you feel pain in your neck while you’re at work, take a break for a few short exercises.

-While walking, place your head to the back, and keep your shoulders straight. Practice walking at home with a book placed on your head.