Clean Your Lungs Naturally In 3 Just Steps

The lungs are a vital part of our respiratory system that is in charge of breathing. Their function in the body is to bring oxygen that will be distributed throughout the body. Your lungs are bombarded by toxins every day like allergens, environmental pollution, cigarette smoke, dust and microorganisms. These toxins can scar the lungs, weaken the breathing and reduce the oxygen intake in your body. Some natural remedies can clean your lungs of these toxins.

Step 1

Do yoga deep breathing exercises every day for 30 minutes. According to Dr. Leia Melead, naturopathic doctor and licensed acupuncturist, these exercises can help the lungs flush out impurities like those from the cigarette smoke. Also, she advises to get plenty of fresh air or some outdoor exercises like brisk walking.

Step 2

Every day take one 500 mg rosemary capsule to clean the lungs. The rosemary herb has antioxidants that can stimulate the flow of blood in the capillaries in your lungs, according to Dr. James Duke, botanist. This can help your lungs to eliminate stagnant pollutants from the lungs into your general blood circulation where they can be eliminated and filtered.

Step 3

Every day drink one cup of honeysuckle tea. According to Dr. Albert Leung, pharmacognosist, the honeysuckle can help your lungs dislodge phlegm and thereby aids drainage of the lungs.

*This article is not a substitute for a medical advice from your healthcare professional or physician.