Natural UV Protection: 5 Toxic Free Oils as Sunscreens

natural-uv-protection-oils-sunscreensIf you need sunscreen, read more below. There are different kinds depending on their protection factor (raspberry, even though with lower SPF than the carrot, is still priority against UVA and UVB). Pay attention to the precautions at the end of the article before you purchase oils. Those oils are not sunscreens primarily or to be used all day for intense tanning, but can to a certain level protect you without all the chemical additives. Also, they can allow some sunrays to give you vitamin D. another plus is that they leave the skin very soft and healthy, so they are skin-friendly with fatty acids and nutrients and antioxidants too!

5 healthy natural oils for sunscreen use

  • Carrot seed oil: this oil keeps the skin healthy a lot, creates great protection shield unlike commercial chemicals. The oil of carrot seed is dense and must be mixed with carrier oil for a very effective sunscreen daily basis protection
  • Coconut oil: it is cheap, found anywhere, smells delicious and is primary skin beneficial oil. When worn for tanning it protects you and gives a nice tan.
  • Almond oil: this is a golden oil also cheap and easy to find. The natural protection of it is SPF 6, just like store bought chemical lotions.
  • Red raspberry oil: this oil also has a high SPF, up to even 30-50. Not just a high UV protection, but also is used as a regular cosmetic product for beauty and skin care. It offers a load of vitamin E, heals an repairs skin and cannot spoil!
  • Wheatgerm oil: the third best SPF option in oils. Provides the skin with a lot of vitamin E and antioxidants to repair damaged skin cells. Because of the antioxidant vitamin E, there is blockage of harmful UV damage. Also can be consumed for such health benefits.
Some other oil examples for sunscreen:
  • Mаcadamia oil – spf 6
  • Non-GMO soybeаn oil- spf 10
  • Avocаdo oil – spf 4-10
  • Olive oil – spf 2-8
  • Sheа butter- spf 3-6
  • Almоnd oil- spf 5
  • Sesаme oil – spf 4
  • Hеmp seed oil – spf 6
  • Jojobа oil – spf 4
  • Cocоnut oil – spf 2-8


DIY oil recipe sunscreen

Make this oil and apply:

  • ½ cup fractionated coconut oil (doesn’t get hard under 76 degrees F)
  • 10 drops myrrh oil
  • 5 drops carrot seed oil

Mix all these and place in AMBER JAR (to save the best of the oils). Apply on skin and reapply freely.


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