Top 10 natural pain remedies from our kitchen

Every now and then we come across some irritable pains which make us feel anxious, nervous and uncomfortable. There are a lot of natural pain remedies that can help in the fight against those pains. What we are not aware of, is that the best medications are the ones we have in our kitchen, but we don’ know when to use it. These are the natural pain remedies from our kitchen.

Clove against the toothache

You can ease your toothache and inflammation in two hours by gently chewing a piece of clove. The clove contains the natural anesthetic eugenol , which relieves the pain. The clove is also known to be good for stomach inflation.

If you don’t have clove in your kitchen, you can also use garlic.  The garlic contains allicin which has antibacterial effect and is extricated once you break the piece of garlic. So next time you have a toothache, break a piece of garlic into half and put it on the sour spot.

Honey for mouth cavity small wounds

Due to a cold or flu small wounds into the mouth cavity often appear and these can be really painful. The cure is hidden in the kitchen. Apply honey on the wounds four times a day until they disappear. The honey is 43% more efficient than any medication; it helps against inflammations, destroys the viruses and inhibits the regeneration of the damaged tissue.

Ginger if you feel pain in the muscles

It is good to include one spoon of dry ginger or two spoons of freshly cut ginger into the meal once a day to ease the muscles pain. The ginger has therapeutic characteristic and it can also be used against sickness and digestion problems. It appears to be very useful against mild cough and cold, as well as against ovarian cancer.

 Black coffee indeed helps against the migraine

The scientists advise to have a cup of strong black coffee along with the medication when you suffer from migraine. The caffeine stimulates the system in absorption of the painkillers. The studies have shown that the coffee increases the efficiency of the medications against migraine up to 40%.

Garlic for the earache

Believe it or not, the well-known remedy – the garlic helps best with the earaches. You need two drops of warm garlic oil (you grind the pieces of garlic and add oil) into the affected ear two times a day. Repeat the therapy for five days straight.

The scientists say that the active ingredients in the garlic (germanium, selenium and the sulfur compound) can destroy about ten of the bacteria which cause pain, better than any medical resources.

Foot ache and foot nails problem

The salt can help you with the foot nails problems. The scientists from Stanford University advise to put your feet in salty warm water on regular basis. If you do this often, this painful infection can disappear in four days. The ratio of the salt and water would be one spoon of salt for one cup of water. The water can be warmed to a room temperature, not too warm, but not too cold either. Keep your feet in the water for about 20 minutes, twice a day, until the infection disappears.

Grapes if you feel pain in the back

A simple and delicious way to relieve from the uncomfortable back pain is to eat grapes! With only one bowl of grapes a day, the blood vessels loosen up and the blood flow in the damaged tissues of the back improves in three hours. The blood flow is the essential ingredient for back healing, so remember to eat grapes in small amounts every day.

Sac troubles

With one bowl of blueberries a day, consumed in any way, the risk of urinary system infections decreases for 60%. Blueberries are full of tannin, a vegetative compound which is strong enemy of the bacteria that cause sac problems. So if you are prone to problems with the urinary bladder, add blueberries in your daily nutrition diet. They will also strengthen your immune system.

Chronic pain

Have you heard of Curcuma? It is a popular Indian spice which is three times more efficient pain reliever than the aspirin. The curcuma can also relieve the chronic pain of the people with arthritis. Within the last several years there have been number of researches about an antioxidant found in the curcuma, which is discovered to have anti-inflammatory, anti-virulent, antibacterial, antifungal and antitumor effect. The scientists recommend ¼ of a spoon of curcuma in any meal on daily basis.

 Pains of different kind

The most recent researches show that at least one out of four women fights against arthritis, metabolic arthritis of chronic headache. If you are one of them, you should consider cherries as pain relievers. The anthocyanins, compounds from which cherries get their red color, have anti-inflammatory properties 10 times stronger than the aspirin. Consume at least 20 cherries a day: fresh, frozen or dried and keep consuming them until your pain disappears.

So get into the kitchen and find these natural pain remedies without spending any money!