All-Natural Cures for Headache

Do you have that throbbing headache that makes you feel like the cranium is bursting? You can now readily get over it without necessarily popping those ugly tasting pills.

The Wonders of the Peppermint and the Crushed Ginger

Lack of sleep and stress can cause tension headache. You feel it running from one ear to the other and the forehead. Apply peppermint oil to your hairline. The cooling sensation relaxes the tense muscles in your head and neck.

You can also boil an inch of crushed ginger root and make tea with this hot liquid. It will work at the same speed an aspirin would.

The Miracles of Capsaicin Cream

During the winter you may suffer cluster headache. The main trigger is the temperature change. It occurs in groups of days over a number of weeks. The headache is often followed by fever or running nose. The next time it attacks you, go for capsaicin cream. Cayenne pepper is the active ingredient in this cream and serves to block pain signals. Apply a small amount of the cream in your nostril and the painful locality and wait for a soothing relief.

Feverfew, the Little known Cure for Headache

That headache that causes one-sided throbbing pain and causes sensitivity sound and light and may cause nausea could be migraine. It runs in families and it is three times more likely to hit women than men. Experts believe that it occurs when the brain misinterprets nerve signals as pain. You can cure migraine using feverfew, a supplement from the sunflower family. It reduces inflammation by taking pressure off the nerves, preventing migraines entirely.

Think of Acupressure Massage for your Headache Relief

Acupressure Massage is an ancient Chinese treatment that involves applying pressure to selected parts of the body to relieve pain. You can apply it for your migraine; use your finger to firmly press the depression right between your first and second toe for 3 to 5 minutes and await positive results.