To Nap Is Healthy And This Is How Much You Should Nap For Best Results

To nap after a tiring day after work, school or something else feels the best. But, we all know sometimes an improper nap time leaves us more tired than before. A nap more than half an hour is technically seen as sleep. If you nap more than 30 minutes you feel more fatigued than before and the body cannot adjust after waking up.

To Nap Is Healthy And This Is How Much You Should Nap For Best Results

Why is napping healthy

To rest this way is great for the brain to refresh. Our brain needs just a little napping to refresh and work again just as good.

If you get 10 or 20 min nap the brain after that is more alert and conscious and works faster by the minute. For even more speed and agility, keep in mind these short nap times.

In case you have a ton of obligations and need even less nap time, shorten the 20 min to less. You will feel the same way; focused, alert and rested. Don’t hit the snooze button!

Apart from these short refreshing naps, your brain, of course, needs deep and good sleep. If you need a lot of time for the daily obligations, then nap a bit longer freely up to an hour no more. This makes your brain able for cognitive actions better. To make imagination work well, then the memory nap is optimal 90 minutes.

For this short nap, make the body positioned a bit up so that you are awake still. Dreaming during nap time means being really tired and sleep deprived. If this is the case, continue with deep sleep.