The mysteries of an orgasm: why women fake it

Since recently, with the fast development of the social life, women began putting their pleasure, needs and wishes before anything else. Because of the social restrictions, there is the informal rule that the female orgasm is her own responsibility. But if women put the man’s needs before their own, they wouldn’t be able to fully cooperate in fulfilling them.

-Women want to please their partner, that’s why they fake orgasm every now and then. They need to satisfy their partner’s ego.

-Women enjoy in their power to control their partner’s orgasm. It is a challenge for them to watch their partner’s arousal. The fact that she can please her partner with faking orgasm is something that makes the woman even more content.

-Sometimes women are not in the mood for sex and just want to get it over with. This means they still want to please their partners, without hurting their ego.

-Sometimes women feel pain during sex, which might indicate some medical problem. At those moments, they fake orgasm instead of interrupt the sex.

– At a certain point, we begin to feel comfortable enough in a relationship, which may affect our looks. Men and women are allowed to break the former habits like healthy diets, exercising or wearing sexy clothes. But these things have influence to the sexual arousal of the partner. So there are cases when the woman, instead of hurting her partner’s feelings and telling him about his looks, she just fakes an orgasm.

-The lack of technique can also be a problem. The communication is the key to a successful relationship, also very important during sex. Women know their own body and the partners should pay attention to their instructions. If the partner knows this, the woman wouldn’t have the need to fake a orgasm.

-Most of the women can’t achieve an orgasm in a couple of minutes. Most of them are shy, thinking it takes way too long for them, and they don’t want to exhaust their partner. That’s why they fake orgasm, so that the partner thinks he has done a good job.

-Men and women are different. Women have the need of connection with their partner. If a certain level of trust is achieved, the woman would feel relaxed and safe, which will result into good sexual intercourse and an orgasm.