Mothers Be Aware – A Vaccine Can Destroy The Ovaries Of Your Daughter

The company Merck & Co. makes the HPV vaccine called Gardasil. But it is shocking to know that they never examined this vaccine to females!

This mistake was devastating to a young girl in Australia, she now has no ovaries. She was 16 and took this vaccine, and now her ovaries are completely damaged.

She will enter menopause earlier and has no ovary functioning now.

Mothers Be Aware – A Vaccine Can Destroy The Ovaries Of Your Daughter

Parent be cautious! This study was done 3 years after this incident. There is also proof of the damage. The girl was in perfect health before the vaccine and only the vaccine could have been the reason for this.

The Australian authorities said that Merck never tested this medicine to the reproductive organs in females. Only males were tested to it!

There are some rat tests and male participant tests but not in the OVARIES of rats tests! This is a vaccine mostly for women, and only women were not tested for the effects! Awful!

Other studies claim that this vaccine has 2 items in it that really damage the female organs.

Also it has emulsifiers like polysorbate 80. This is also in foods that are processed!

This is the one ingredient that is really fatal.

Overall, the uterus and its weight are damaged and ovaries are aging in a fast way so women enter menopause earlier.

If this, and the polysorbate 80 gets in the body, there will be fatal consequences.