Mosquitoes Bite People Differently – Why Is This?

In USA there are more than even 200 mosquito kinds, and all go for certain groups of people in the summertime when we are all outside. And there are explanations why some people get bitten more.

The female mosquitoes need more blood In order to lay their eggs!

Mosquitoes Bite People Differently – Why Is This?

What attracts mosquitoes? Bacteria.

Some microbes of human skin are a normal thing. All the remains like a trillion microbes are unique for each person. Even some grouping appeal more mosquitoes than others and make people be bitten more.

Chemicals and heat also attract insects

Some chemicals attract a mosquito, this includes the 227 kinds of compounds, as to a study of 2000. Ammonia, lactic acid, octenol from the human sweat or our breath too attract the mosquitoes.

Also, heat is alluring to them and they start to move in many ways. If we workout outside and breathe out and sweat we are a treat trap for them (the female mosquitos), so be prepared for sports outside.

The sweat is not their trap, but its chemicals are for sure

The experts examined a sample of human sweat; older sweat is more attractive for a mosquito since it has bacteria that multiplies and shifts to alkaline from acidic. The smell of feet also is liked by these insects that transfer malaria! They even go for smelly or dirty socks left anywhere and that were worn more days.

Luckily, we have good news; some compounds can be hidden from the mosquitoes. They are and include 1-methylpiperzine which is basically something that experts want to duplicate for bug sprays.

Stay away of DEET all the time if you want to stop mosquitoes. This DEET is harmful for the health and children too since it damages neurological systems, makes memory loss, impairs work of brain, causes tremors and headaches, and seizures too.

If you still don’t get everything you read, another thing in sprays that must be avoided is the permethrin. This is a neurotoxin chemical that causes cancer too and has been connected to immune system problems and behavior problems in kids. It is not eco-friendly , it is a threat to bees, aqua life and cats too. Also it is used in anti-flea products for dogs and is used topically for this aim. So, avoid the flea cosmetics for dogs if you want to use them on a cat.