Monsanto Wine Officially Has Toxins Among Other Californian Wines!

Glyphosate is the main and active ingredient in the Monsanto and it is herbicide. It was discovered by International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and it caused cancer in humans.

But the glyphosate is not the only bad ingredient in Monsanto, there are more toxins that follow.

The formula also has other toxins and they have also been exposed while previously they were considered secrets of market and trade.

Monsanto has to deal with lawsuits now from patients of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma after the Roundup! In these lawsuits it is said that the glyphosate and other toxins as well are the cause of diseases and all these mixed together are a toxic bomb!

Intercept stated that one lawsuit even claimed Monsanto to know about Roundup being completely harmful! Monsanto even claimed every ingredient to be really needed for the whole wine!

Monsanto Wine Officially Has Toxins Among Other Californian Wines!

Inert items in herbicides with glyphosate are really bad!

A lot of studies have said glyphosate is toxic and harmful, but its component aminometylphosphonic acid AMPA is even worse. The other items are just increasing the bad effects of the previous ones.

In 2012 there was a study for items like preservatives, surfactants and solvents and in fact they are pretty much active, contrary to the statements so far. Often they make more toxicity even in not toxic areas!

Some parts of these herbicides are also toxic to humans far more and worsen the glyphosate.

Also the cell damages and death happen right after Roundup was poured on crops, gardens and lawns for control of gardening. The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health stated that all pesticides are suspicious in compounds and content. The co-formulas of six glyphosate herbicides were tested.

Every such formula and co-formula  was cyotoxic for the cells and was below the dilution of agricultural formulas or the known 8-141.

For the first time it was shown that stoppings in endocrine functions from GBH is from the co-formulas!

Such results explain the numerous GBH results with no glyphosate by itself; they question the daily dose of ADI values with GBH exposure calculated by toxic items of individual substances.

The ingredient Polyethoxylated Tallowamine POEA is more toxic than glyphosate by 2000 times!

The POEA is an item in the Roundup. It is deadly for cells in just small doses lower than glyphosate. Sadly, most bodies react with the POEA like inert with no assessment, contrary to belief.

The Journal published that POEA is 1000-2000 times more toxic than the G which worsens the problem of letting off inert items. In 2014 the Institute of Science in Society reported that the POEA in Roundup is most toxic for human cells and even more than glyphosate and metabolites. It even increases their side effects.

Also the aim of Roundup, the POEA surfactant is mitochondria that is main item in sperm cells and their quality. To add, infertility in males comes from ROS damage of DNA mitochondrias.

Gathering research shows how Roundup is worse than isolated glyphosate

Germany stopped the POEA herbicides for sale in 2014 since a worker had inflammation in the lungs after it.

This year also, ANSES the agency for national health of France also banned it. The EU commission also did.

In USA the FDA made plans to see food for toxic items and NOT POEA remains and the USA agency for protection of environment also won’t bother for POEA only. Just because is not a main ingredient.

Monsanto is aware of this and they want to make replacements and changes. But, the research showed that for Roundup all its parts are more toxic than glyphosate. For example:

  • First in 2002 and 2004 glyphosate herbicides made more mutations and cancer than just the G
  • Then in 2005, Roundup was shown to be more toxic for rats and their livers than G alone
  • And in 2009 many examples of Roundup were proven to be worse for the human umbilical than G alone. This damaged the embryonic and placenta cells!

So, all this confirmed that the items in Roundup are not inert and the mixes we buy cause great damage to our cells and their death.

NAS releases a study for genetically engineered crops GE

The National Academy of Sciences Engineering Medicine NAS releases results for GMOs.

Their report was 400 pages long and sponsored by US Department of Agriculture about the obvious damages and consumerism.

Let’s say, this example of 2004 in US general office of accounting recommended of the FDA confirmed the raw data tests of a GMO random basis developer. But, FDA didn’t end this properly. The Huffington Post stated that the committee claimed the information to regulation agencies wanting approval of GMO being secret was labeled as confidence and business information.

Distrust exists because the low public access to safety info is that way. Bad.

To think a developer wants GMO approved makes skepticism even worse.

There is no evidence of GE crops and this changed the yields rates

Also, the NAS results said there is no proof of GE crops changing yields results in soybean, corn and cotton. It was believed GMO feeds the world with its crops!

The increase of resistant weed and insects from GE crops outcome was also talked about. When we talk about glyphosate, the report also said great disagreement is present between committees for the possible harm of this usage. Also it was neglected to talk about the issues and policy alterations.

A PhD, Charles Benbrook was agriculture economist and he was in Washington University. He suggested 3 ways to reduce harm to humans from glyphosate. So, the EU and USA will agree to these 3 things – ban to all small grains, edible beans and crops of GMO.

Also, less GE tolerances that Monsanto approves in USA and also through the Codex. Lastly, ban to risky surfactants and inert ingredients in formulas herbicides.

Roundup remains in foods!

To avoid this in the food you have to stop eating processes foods. Mainly they are of roundup sprayings and even some unexpected foods have the Roundup.

The Alliance for Natural Health ANH stated the high amounts of glyphosate in NON-GE crops like wheat cereal, bread and bagels. They added that the usage of Glyphosate is before a harvest.

10 of 24 meals for breakfast tested by ANH had this toxic item. Bagels, oatmeal, coffee cream, bread and raw organic eggs. Also, the group Moms Across America had 10 wines tested and they all had glyphosate even the expensive organic wines, but they had it much less.

Roundup is not directly sprayed on grape but on the ground and soil of vines. A study for glyphosate remains made by the Munich Environment Institute found G in 14 types German beer.

All the beer types had the levels above 0.1 mcg allowed limit in water. They didn’t test for inert Roundup since detection of glyphosate meant additives must be there also.

Opt for organic food and avoid Roundup remains

To be safe, and have less risks of this exposure to pesticides and herbicides from INACTIVE so called items. Avoid them by opting out for water filters and you can recognize exposure to these poisons. And if you do, use the lactic bacteria acids during kimchi fermentation to break them down properly.

So, fermented foods or kimchi can be a good thing for detox in pesticide remains. The good thing of organic foods is no GMO and GE so you are not exposed to Roundup too.

Eat local food and organic.. Produce to protect yourself AND the environment from such poisons and toxins, weeds, pests and GE seed.