Morning sex – the keeper of the youth and good health

We all know there are plenty of benefits of the sex, but now scientist remind us that the morning sex is exceptionally good for the human body. It improves the immune system, puts you up in a better mood, increases the fertility rate, it is good for the skin, strengthens your hair and lowers the risk of heart diseases.

58% and more of the couples practice sexual activities between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m., but the most of the benefits of sex have those who make love in the morning, writes “Medical Daily”.
According to some research on the Kinsley University, the couples at the age of 18-29 make love about 112 times a year, those from 30-39 enjoy this activity approximately 86 times a year, and for those in the early 40s the number is 69 times a year.

The evening sex is undoubtedly more practiced, scientists claim that it comes to habit, instinct or you are simply more comfortable with this time of the day, since you feel more relaxed then. Yet, the morning is much better than the evening, claim the couples who started practicing sex in the morning.

“The morning sex initiates intimacy and emotional attachment at the beginning of the day, when the obstacles are fewer and you can fully concentrate on your partner and the activity”, says docor Fran Wallfish.

The morning sex puts you up in a good mood more than a good breakfast of a cup of coffee. The reason for this is the production of the hormone serotonin, which also has the effect of anti-depressive for the brain.

The morning sex increases the fertility rate
The morning sex improves the sperm quality and increases the fertility of women, proves the study of the Fertility Clinic in Sidney. The results show that the morning sex on a regular basis improves the ejaculation and the sperm quality for 12%, which increases the chances of successful fertilization.

Improves the complexion and the strength of the hair
The orgasm during the morning sex causes excretion of chemicals that increase the level of estrogen in the body. This improves the blood flow and lowering of the level of testosterone, and this keeps the freshness of the skin and the hair.

Also, the morning sex gives the people a special kind of glow.

Lowers the risk of heart diseases

The sex in the morning hours a few times a week keeps the heart in a good health condition, this especially goes for men, proves a study at the University of Belfast, which included over 1000 people.

Besides the fact it is a good physical activity, the morning sex lowers the level of the stress hormone, the cortisol, and by that the risk of a heart attack is lowered as well.
Improves the immune system

The production of the immunoglobuline A during the morning sex is bigger than the sex in any other time of the day. IgA are immune bodies that protect the body from infections, and people who make love in the morning have 30% higher level of IgA in the blood, shows the study at the Wilkes University.

So, instead of a cup of coffee in the morning, make room for the morning sex!