Do A Massage On This Spot For 45 Seconds. The Results Will Stun You!

The massage sis the best cure with no side effects for certain issues with the body. To massage yourself is even better, but it can be hard to reach the back sometimes. However, massaging the forehead is easy.

Do A Massage On This Spot For 45 Seconds. The Results Will Stun You!

This method is also popular in Chinese acupressure when some body points are pressed where meridians intersect. Some meridians are paths basically that lead to nerves and give energy. To press such points you set free the energy blocked paths and have more health and blood flow.

When you do the acupressure do it often and in the right way for permanent benefits. To stimulate the points press a few times up and down in circles.

Here you will read about the acupressure forehead point, one of the more important ones. It is that spot between eyebrows. With this method say bye to headache and other bad symptoms.

How to…

First, find that spot between eyebrows and massage for 45 seconds. Press firmly in circle movements – this way you promote circulation, reduce muscle pain and stimulate brain chemicals or endorphins. They make you happy and reduce stress.

Also is useful to know that this also relieves sinus issues and pain, clears nose congestion, removes headache, insomnia, eye pressure and fatigue.