Manage your hair’s electricity with the use of conditioners and avoidance of excessive blow-drying

The “electric charge” is something every woman is familiar with, i.e. the static that causes friction when brushing or blow-drying the newly washed hair.  After shampooing, the hair is left with a negative charge. Conditioners contain the “positively charged” agents that bond with the negative charge of the hair, smoothening it.

Once a day is usually the average of how often you wash your hair, depending on the activity in sports, the oil the hair produces and the weather conditions. Therefore, you need the proper shampoo. Clarifying shampoos have more acidic content and are effective in removing the styling products from the hair. The body building shampoos contain proteins that bond to hair and increase its volume. Moisturizing shampoos keep the hair from getting too dry, reduce static and “glue” the split ends. Revitalizing shampoos are good for colored, permed and damaged hair. Baby shampoos have less detergent and are also good for those with colored, dry and damaged hair.

Medicated shampoos help in reducing dandruff

Dandruff is the most common problem, among other scalp problems, such as: seborrheic dermatitis (excessive sebum secretion), psoriasis (a non-contagious inflammatory skin disease causing skin to shed faster than normal) and atopic dermatitis (itchy scalp). Left untreated, these conditions could affect the hair regeneration process and lead to thinning or hair loss. Medicated shampoo helps in the treatment of these conditions and needs to be left on the hair longer, massage it gently into the scalp.