When A Man Got Diagnosed With Cancer Stage 4, He Tried A Miracle Mix Cure And It Was Successful!

Can you cure cancer with baking soda and molasses?

When A Man Got Diagnosed With Cancer Stage 4, He Tried A Miracle Mix Cure And It Was Successful!

Yes, so far one sure example. A man, Vernon Johnston, used these 2 food items and cured his bad stage 4 prostate cancer. He also had metastases in the bones!

Johnston got diagnosed with prostate cancer stage 4 and that period his son did some researching. The son found out that pH is crucial here in cancer issues – since cancer dies off in alkaline environment. This way, the son would treat his father in natural ways, but painful and prolonged. They purchased cesium chloride through mail cargo since Vernon got advised to increase his own pH. But, they never received the cesium chloride. He got tense and tried to look for other alternatives quickly that act like alkaline.

After reading on info about mix from soda + molasses, he actually read about the amazing efficient cancer therapy.

These were the results

Vernon had a diary for every little entry of the therapy. Also, he did breathing methods to aid in oxygenation since the pH was leveled up! The cells, anaerobic cancer cell exactly cannot fight the oxygen!

Those cancer cells thrive on fermenting sugar and not oxygen, otherwise they diminish. The Trojan horse or maple syrup allows higher pH in the soda to attack the cancer cells and shock them; they smash into alkalinity and oxygen and are destroyed.

Vernon did this every day and also he did other methods too.

Keep in mind, in case (god forbid) you need such natural cures – never eat sugars and processed sweets/foods since they multiply the cancer cells.

After several weeks, Vernon got new results from the lab. There was NO bone metastases and prostate cancer. In 2008 in a gazette of Anza, California – Valley News 2009, this story was a hit news. And these days, Vernon still tells this experience that could help others.

Source: organichealthteam.com