What Makes Hypertension? What Are The Cures?

The hypertension is high blood pressure that makes blood go faster through the vessels than normal, as National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute stated. The CDC states that70 million Americans have it and that means 1 of 3 adults.

Mayo Clinic further explains that hypertension is caused by blood in the heart pumps and the resistance in the arteries. The more the heart pumps the narrower the arteries and  the higher the pressure.

What Makes Hypertension? What Are The Cures?

Reasons for this and risks

The hypertension is due to many factors and a lot of people have this issue.

  1. Age- pressure increases as we get older, but teens and kids get it too.
  2. Race- hypertension is more common in African Americans. The NHLBI states how this ethnic group has it more and earlier and the number increases by the day.
  3. Overweight- if you are obese or overweight you have higher chances of hypertension as NHLBI states.
  4. Gender- men have high pressure more than women before age 55 and women more after 55, as NHLBI says.
  5. Lifestyle and habits- the unhealthy habits are a cause for this problem. Too much salt, no workouts, not enough potassium, alcohol and stress increase the risk.
  6. Family history- if you have the genes for it, the risk is bigger.
  7. Kidney/salt levels and balance- if the kidneys do not work as they should, the body’s salts are imbalanced and thus pressure is higher.
  8. Meds- some prescribed meds like hormones or those for asthma cause this issue. Even regular flu and cold meds cause it.
  9. Other health issues- some problems like kidney disease, thyroid and sleep apnea problems are the reasons too. NHLBI says that these issues impact the hormones, sodium and fluids.
  10. Blood vessels structures- some people with defects are more prone to hypertension.


Usually, these people have no signs of hypertension, even when the pressure is too high.

Sometimes, they feel headaches, short breaths and nosebleed but as Mayo Clinic says these are too vague and hard to pinpoint so sometimes it is a life risk situation.

Good thing is that tests for this problem are available at every doctor’s office. Also, check the pressure as often as you can since it can cause these issues:

  • Stroke and heart attack
  • Aneurysm
  • Heart failure
  • Weak blood vessels
  • Thick, and torn blood vessels in eyes
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Memory problems

Treating and preventing:

To change the unhealthy lifestyle is the first step. Eat healthy foods, stop smoking, have workouts – all advised by Mayo Clinic.

The doctor can also give you meds for lowering the pressure.

To prevent it you can try several things. Stops smoking, exercise, eat healthy. If you have the genes for it be especially careful.

Source: remedydaily.com