Make Clothes Fresh And White With No Chemicals And Really Simple!

If you hate doing laundry, since of course is time consuming and boring, this is for you – make stains disappear in the laziest way!

Also, many detergents are not good enough and are not cheap. You need just one ingredient and problem solved.

No more tension, money spending – just take vinegar and clean the clothes.

Make Clothes Fresh And White With No Chemicals And Really Simple!

These are the 10 reasons and how to’s to do so:

  1. Half cup vinegar is poured in the machine before you load clothes.

The vinegar is stronger than detergent and keeps colors vibrant after washing.

  1. Also use it as softener. Clothes will be even softer and environment friendly is the usage for the vinegar this way.
  2. The vinegar acid removes stains of deodorant and sweat
  3. The detergents leave marks that are white and the skin might be irritated. To stop it, use ½ cup vinegar.
  4. It removes bad smells.
  5. Soak the clothes in solution with vinegar. Mix hot water and ½ cup vinegar and leave for the night to soak. Extra tip is to scrub the stains with vinegar.
  6. Remove fuzz and fur of animals.
  7. The vinegar acid also removes static electricity.
  8. With 6 tbsp vinegar in the hand wash you can achieve a lot. Do the same with underwear and bikinis.
  9. Clean the machine with vinegar. Also, clean surfaces with it!