Oxytocin in The Play of Sex and Love

love-sex-oxytocinWhen we experience or do something that feels compatible with our inner life purpose or just feels right for us, is the moment when the oxytocin starts playing its role. It’s called our bliss hormone. It is actually the main ruler hormone and it triggers different activities of the glands in the body, activating the so-called Oxytocin Loop. After this loop has been activated, we become more prone to love, satisfaction and other things that feel beautiful.

When does the oxytocin feed forward circuit

Love is the feeling that makes us more beautiful, experience less stress and fear, feel more synchronised and present in the world and more truthful. Otherwise, these are the benefits of the oxytocin. In our bodies, different organs vibrate on a different frequency, also our glands. The frequency of our crown region is the same with the one of the production of oxytocin, but for the oxytocin to be effective we need to have activated the other body glands as well.

During the time, we train a sense how to recognise and also how to bring this processes in action, so we master how to live good for ourselves.

The oxytocin is working as the maestro of the other glands creating a circuit. No break in this circuit is allowed, which will disbalance the inner harmony. So we learn and re-train during our lives how to balance the frequencies in our bodies in the way to bring hormones to its balanced state of work.

Sexual Bonding

Under the influence of the oxytocin, we bond easy and steady. With this, we should master the skills how and who to bond with in order to lower the possible risks. If our glands are healthy, they would be ready to work properly in the oxytocin circuit and send the good feedback in the loop. And that’s a recipe for really good bonding .

But we must mention that first and most important bonding is the one with ourselves, that also work together with the oxytocin loop. Then we feel our truth and personal rules, and no social definitions are needed to tell us about the love. Further, we experience new good sensations and vibrations and we are able to enjoy and lead them towards better flow.

When we sexually bond with someone else, we bond our unique vibrations as well. Then new one, mutual and greater emerges out if. If two activated beings get bonded, the positive expansion and evolving are inevitable.

All chakras and glands connection flow


Hypothalamus – life purpose

If you fully connect with another one, it would feel like activating your own body which starts with a merging of our soul with crown frequency and feeling the life purpose. So the best way to merge with someone is to start from the crown.

Pineal Gland – mental/intuitive match

Next down is the Pinal Gland. Do you feel mutual mental harmony and intellectual match? Can you feel like you intuitively understand each other?


Nervous System – move with each other’s groove

As we come to the nervous system, we rationalise both our lifestyles. Are we more active or sedentary, have same or different physical energy? A good match would be way  more preferable.

Thyroid Gland –  the art of over-communicating

This is the communication level and the level of openness of one to another. Saying the deepest thoughts and truly understanding each other would go so easy.

Thymus Gland – friends

Do you really feel close beloving friend with the other person? Can you just stay one by another and enjoy the company, small talks or laughter, and feel comfortable to be who you really feel you are?


Pancreas – the physical world

This represents the physical world. Does it give you more power to both of you when being together? This one thing you mustn’t compromise, as it usually does happen. Grew and raise together.

Ovaries/Prostate – emotional connection

This is the emotional connecting level. It shows whether you are making good vibration of a family or community. Do you feel in harmony with the environment you both create? Do you like and feel comfortable with one another’s friends as well?

Root/Anal Glands – garden safe to enter

This is the level where you connect merge your bodies physically with the feeling of secureness and sobriety. Once you’ve reached this level of connectivity it means that you’ve merged your full spectrums. You have blissful touch with someone special another. You will have total synchronicity and most beautiful sexual, physical connection. This s the time when you both will expand in all possible beautiful ways.

Source: wakeup-world.com