Losing weight on healthy way with the 5:2 fast diet

What’s a 5:2 fast diet?

This is a diet by which we consume the normal quantity of food five days a week, and the other two days we have to be careful about what we consume.

This is a very popular diet because it is very simple and easy, and it is number one for the overweight people,

The essence of the diet is this: We can keep our food habits five days of the week, we can consume what is usual for us, and the other two days of the week we have to follow the rule not to consume more than 500 calories (for women) and 600 calories (for men). Of course, if you consume 550 calories instead of 500, or 700 calories instead of 600, that doesn’t mean that the diet is ruined, but that the results would not be as high as you have expected. If you follow the diet properly, you can expect to lose up to three kilograms per month.

With the limited intake of food in the body within those two days, our body reaches the “relaxing and repairing cell mode”. Within the two days we give our digestive system “a day off”.

I, personally, recommend the limited intake days to be Monday and Thursday.

Here’s how one of the limited intake of calories day look like, i.e. what we’re supposed to consume:


A couple of spoons of muesli with deeds or dried fruit mixed with 150 ml diet low-fat yoghurt; or a two eggs omelet, one spoon of cheese in dices, half onion, one larger pepper and half a tomato.


Roasted chicken steak (middle-sized) with one slice of bread and season vegetable salad; or small pizza dough with a little bit of tomato sauce and lots of vegetables. Add parmesan, or a little bit of cheese in the process of baking. You can also add prosciutto.


A slice of toast with hard cheese; or one cup of low-fat milk and a couple of spoons of muesli.


Before you decide to practice this diet, I would like to add that this diet is fun and easy. Maybe three kilograms a month doesn’t sound much, but losing weight too fast is not healthy and one usually gains that weight back after a while.