How to lose weight by water consumption

Have you decided to start a diet for losing weight? If you answered positively to this, then you have probably been thinking about the changes you will practice when it comes to your eating habits. Among all the various ways of losing weight, there is the one that includes the water.

The ones that drink water before the meal, loses kilograms more easily, shows an American study. Only two glasses of water before every meal help for the loss of appetite, so we don’t feel hungry and have zero calories intake.

During the 12 days of the study, the volunteers that drank two extra glasses of water have lost 5 kilograms more than the ones that haven’t consumed any water at all.

The people who drink water consume 75 to 90 calories less with their meal, than the people that don’t drink water. However, it is important to drink water instead of drinks that contain sugar.

sportIf you want to get the maximum from the water, consume about 13 glasses a day. However, do not consume big amounts at once. If you want to feel the real effect of the water, drink that amount of water during the whole day.

You need 1000 ml of water for 1000 calories intake, of which two-thirds is consumed by drinking, and the rest with the food. You can easily calculate the amount of water you need. The daily amount of water needed in deciliters=TM (kg) x 0, 3 dl. So the person with 70 kilograms needs two liters of water a day.

If you want to be sure how much water you have consumed, drink from half a liter plastic bottles. That way you can calculate the exact amount you drink in one day. Wherever you go, always carry a bottle of water, so that you can consume it in gradually during the day. Water is your best ally when it comes to losing weight.