How To Lose Weight In Less Than a Week Using These Ultra Popular Detox Drink

You want to lose weight in a week? The fast loss of weight caused by severe diets or by starvation is never recommended by the doctors, since in most of the cases it leads to health complications and quick regaining of the lost weight. But you can lose weight in a week with this miraculous drink, and you won’t have to starve or make a lot of changes in your every day diet.


First of all, if you want to lose weight, you need water. If you don’t have the habit of drinking water on regular basis, try this combination of ingredients out. Take a deeper bowl; slice a cucumber into circles and pieces of lemon (leave the crust, after you wash the lemon well) into the bowl. Add 12 leaves of peppermint and a spoon of shredded ginger. Pour glasses of water into the mixture.

You can drink it in the morning, drink it before your breakfast or coffee, so that the drink has bigger effect on the body. Wait an hour until breakfast. The results are visible in short time. After the first hour, you will feel lighter.

The drink should be consumed twice a day. It doesn’t harm your body, quite the opposite: it will improve your immune system and release you from the extra weight. It is also a great way for a detoxification and improves the digestion.

The secret of the drink is that it strongly activates the urinary system, which leads to losing 2,2 pounds in only one hour. Have in mind that you are going to need a toilet somewhere near by at all times. All you need to pay attention to is not to eat fast or greasy food, if you want the full effect of this miraculous drink. You will lose weight in a week, and the results will be visible at that time as well. Try it out!