Lose 5 kilograms in one week only, by using cinnamon

The cinnamon is a type of spice from the Cassia trees and is both used for culinary and medical causes.

It does not burn the fats, but it regulates the level of sugar in blood as well as of insulin thus helping your body keep the condition of burning the fats.

The cinnamon also has medical use. It is recommendable for better digestion of food as well as for releasing the sickness, distension and diarrhea.

All you need to do is to add cinnamon in your food which easily combines with yoghurt, protein shakes, milk and porridge oats, fruit salad, apples, lemon, orange, coffee and tea.The cinnamon not only that helps you to release the fats in the stomach but it also gives you the possibility to enjoy its flavor.

The recommended daily dose of cinnamon is not more than 4 – 6grams a day. It is usually taken as half teaspoon after breakfast, half teaspoon after lunch and the same dose after dinner.

If regularly used, you could easily lose 5 kilograms in one week.

A recent study published in the “International Association for Sport Food” Magazine, has given some statistic data for lowering the body fats in patients with pre-diabetes, who had taken 500mg (half teaspoon) cinnamon in water, on a daily basis for 12 weeks. The health of the patients had improved; their systole blood pressure had been lowered as well as the glucose, which implies that cinnamon reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

In a study published in “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”, the researchers have found out that by consuming 3 grams (1 and a half teaspoon) of cinnamon daily, the insulin function improves.


The cinnamon might cause skin irritation or allergic reaction to some individuals. It happens rarely though, but it might increase the heartbeat and complicate the breathing. Pregnant women and wet nurses should also avoid the cinnamon since there has not been any scientific research for the safety of the influence of the cinnamon on the babies. Besides that, it is completely safe to consume it as an addition to your meals.


Cinnamon might help in losing weight but it cannot be a complete replacement for the healthy way of life, as normal nutrition and regular training. So, we recommend you to assure yourself that you eat properly i.e. fruit, vegetables, low-fat milk products etc and add cinnamon.

Practice at least 30 minutes a day, using aerobic exercises and exercises for shaping of your body.