Look Younger Even After 50 With This Japanese Secret

For many years people have tried to know the secrets of looking younger, but no one has discovered this secret yet. Also many will lead to false conclusions just for getting money.

But, recently we have stumbled upon a Japanese recipe that Is effective and only after 7 days! Try it and see what happens.

You must have heard of Japanese women that are looking eternally young and weirdly beautiful, almost like a mystery. And their secret is rice. Rice is used for beauty by these women.

The rice contains squalene and linoleic acid which are antioxidants and create more collagen in the skin, also reducing wrinkles at the same time.

The squalene in rice keeps the skin protected from sun damage and other negative factors.

The rice also has gamma oryzanol that lessens cholesterol and keeps heart healthy and also gives a lot of vitamin E.

All these properties are proven by science and this means rice makes the sin younger very shortly.

Look Younger Even After 50 With This Japanese Secret

See the recipe below to reduce the wrinkles and make skin softer and shiny.

You need:

  • 3 tbsp rive
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp milk


It is easy and simple to do. To make this, cook the rice a few minutes. Strain it and keep the water of the rice.

To the rice add the milk (hot) and honey and then mix.

Clean the face and apply this mask. When it is dry, wash and rinse the face with the rice water.

Benefits and properties of this water are:

Better blood flow for starters and antioxidant protection. Also, it keeps skin moist and soft and reduces fine lines.

This water also impacts inflammation and hydrates damaged skin.

For best results, do it once a week and believe us, it has great effects.

Source: healthyfoodheadlines.com