The life under the same roof with the mother in law can harm your health

Scientists have proved that life under the same roof with your relatives can harm women’s health, especially if the relative is the mother-in-law.

According to a research with 90 000 female participants, age 40 to 69, the ones living under the same roof with their mothers-in-law have been suffering from ischemic heart diseases more often than the ones living with their husband only.

The experts say that the reason lies in the stress, which appears because women are striving towards better relationship with the relatives.

We knew that something’s wrong with the mothers-in-law! It’s not that we don’t like ours, quite the contrary, actually. We can function really well when distanced from each other, over the phone, and we wouldn’t want to spoil the good relationship with daily encounters in person. It is best for the piece and harmony of the family.