This Is The Most Lethal White Killer And It Is Not Sugar Or Salt!

This is the sodium glutamate E621- an additive that is found in many restaurant foods too. They put it in the food to enhance flavor of meals. It is like white crystal powder, like sugar or salt. A solution with taste like meat or soup.

This Is The Most Lethal White Killer And It Is Not Sugar Or Salt!


This substance is added to everything almost. This makes appetite increased and you overeat and become obese. It provokes the brain cells like a drug almost and goes easily in the blood and brain, thus changing easily the genes responsible for the taste and sense of it. The sodium glutamate is mostly found in sausages, chips, salami, soups, canned food, beer. The normal dosage is not lethal for an adult (1.5 g daily, and for kids maximum ½ g.).

Yearly, in the world now, sodium glutamate is used maybe 200 tons. E621 symptoms of overdose are known like “Chinese restaurant syndrome” and are: migraine, dizziness, visual blurring, palpitations, hormonal imbalance, nausea, weakness, chest pain, etc.

In 1907 this was invented or discovered by Ikeda Kikunae, Japan. He experimented and discovered a substance that makes the original flavor, aroma and taste improved. This was for foods in cans, fast food or frozen foods.

Most popular it was in USA and this is the reason why Americans buy the most unhealthy foods. When professionals experimented, they used this e621 in mice food at first. The mice lost sight after a while. Another awful side effect of E621 is lost sense in the tongue receptors that gets worse with every meal. Why so unhealthy foods are so delicious is the secret of E621. That is why we crave soups, chips, junk food and snacks. The more you eat it, the more you crave it. With time, this causes addiction while the producers make a profit of it.

Keep in mind:

The food producers swear by E621 since it is not expensive and it will mask the bad original products into better ones. When you buy food, read all the labels and see for E621. Opt for natural foods and spice them up separately.