The Lethal Effect Of Holding In Pee

When the nature calls, we have to obey. Many of us hold in the pee. During a movie, or meeting, or just being out in the open. Maybe you are driving or feel lazy to go.

No matter the reason, we have all done this. If you do this all the time, it is dangerous.

The Lethal Effect Of Holding In Pee

Here are the things to consider:

  1. Urinary retention- if you cannot totally empty the bladder, this is the case. The cause is holding the pee in. this weakens the bladder muscles. With age it gets worse.
  2. Urinary infection- this holding of pee means more dirt inside us. That is why we can get an infection. What is the time optimal? Depends. For up to half a liter, adults handle this (2 big cups). If we reach the limit, the bladder receptors send our brain signals for emptying. Some people have the ability to hold this in for a long while, up to 6 hours. This is usual for drivers or such. It also depends on factors like sensitivity of bladder, its capacity, water intake, etc.

All the risks of holding pee in is not really deadly but is serious. It can make the bladder swell, cause cystitis, or kidneys tones. This can complicate further so do not wait!