The Leaves of Guava Can Stop Hair Loss and Make It Grow Again. Effective 100%

The hair loss is affecting both men and women. Thinning hair and hair loss is really common. Many reasons cause this, from deficit in vitamins to genes and much more.

Every cure is different for every such case. It is unpleasant both for the body and looks, but read more below to see our cures and effective remedies for this issue.

The guava leaves are excellent for making more platelets for those with dengue fever and also stopping too much hair loss.

Experts say daily usage of guava items for sure solves this problem.

The leaf of guava has a lot of vitamin B, the best vitamin for fertility and also healthy tissues.

How do we use this cure?

Get 1 liter water and handful leaves of guava. Boil it for 20 min and let it cool aside.

Use the mix as tonic both for the root, scalp and hair too. Massage gently on the scalp. Leave a few hours to sit and rinse.

The most effective results are if you put this on the hair and get a shower cap to cover the head. Sleep with it and in the morning wash.

This amazing mix makes the root and hair both stronger.

Try it now!