A Known Heart Surgeon Speaks On Cause For Heart Diseases

Medical experts with knowledge and authority have a hard time admitting they are wrong. But, I admit it. I am a heart surgeon with experience of over 25 years and more than 5000 surgeries, but this is a day of change, and so it goes.

I have had many years training and with many opinion maker experts. And I had a lot of literature in my hands, seminars and consultations to acknowledge now that heart issues are due to high cholesterol levels, as we used to say.


The only good therapy was meds for lowering the cholesterol and a healthier diet. We though less fat in the food means less cholesterol. Anything different from this was thought to be stupidity.

All of these theories can change as you see. Few years ago it was discovered that inflammation in the artery wall is what causes heart problems and changes the heart work,

Diet regimes and examples have created a mass of people with obesity and diabetes.

It is  a fact that 25% of people take statin meds even though fat is reduced in their diets, and now more Americans are at risk of dying from heart issues.

Stats of the American Heart Association claim that 75% million Americans have heart problems, and 20 million have diabetes. 57 million are pre-diabetics and these issues affect even young people lately.

Simply put, if there is no inflammation inside, the cholesterol cannot be activated in the blood vessel walls or cause strokes and attacks. If there is no inflammation, cholesterol moves inside freely and only inflammation traps it.

It is easy to understand; it is the body’s defense to bacteria, virus or toxins. Inflammation cycles are a way of the body protecting itself off such intruders. But if we are exposed to toxins all the time, from foods to other causes, we will get chronic inflammation.

A Known Heart Surgeon Speaks On Cause For Heart Diseases

Who would do this willingly? Smokers, maybe.

All of us, the rest, follow diet fads and trends low in fat and high in polyunsaturated fats/carbs. This is the problem! This causes chronic inflammations, heart issues, diabetes, obesity and strokes.

The inflammation in the body, in the blood vessels is due to LOW FAT diets!

What exactly is this? If you eat too much carbs and processed foods (sugar, flour…) and omega 6 oils (corn, soybean, sunflower), you are at risk.

Imagine it as a brush constantly pressing the gentle skin until the skin gets red and bleeding. If you can do this, then you will have to face the injury. This is a practical way to imagine inflammation.

Doesn’t matter how and when inflammation starts. I have seen many arteries. A sick artery is just like someone with a brush attacked it vigorously every day. Every day, the food we eat causes such injuries and we get inflamed.

When we enjoy sweet rolls, our bodies fight the intruder actually! Sugary foods and simple carbs with omega 6 oils have a log shelf life. That is why Americans eat them so much. They are slow poisons!

How can a sweet roll make you damaged in this way?

It is like spilling syrup on the keyboard, that is what goes on inside the cells! By eating simple carbs and sugars, blood sugar rises of course. The pancreas makes more insulin, that primarily is for directing sugar to adequate cells and stored as energy. But, when the cell is full it does not need the glucose, it is rejected in order to stop the extra sugar.

If the full cell refuses this glucose, the blood sugar rises and makes more insulin, so glucose turns to FAT!

How is this linked to inflammation? Extra molecules of sugar get attached to different proteins that damage vessel walls. This causes inflammation. If you spike the sugar levels daily, is like using sandpaper on delicate tissue.

I saw this problem In more than 5000 patients during these 25 years, they all had inflamed arteries.

Back to the sweet roll. It is loaded with sugars, omega 6 fats and soybean too. Fries and chips are dipped in soybean oils and processed foods are made with omega 6 fats. So, we need more healthy omega 3s.

If this is not balanced, cells make more chemicals known as cytokines and they make the inflammation.

The modern American diet of today has too much of the bad fats. This imbalance reaches levels of 15:1, 30:1 more to omega 6. That is way too much cytokines. The optimal accepted ratio would be 3:1.

To get things worse, too much weight also burdens fat cells and adds to the inflammation. So things start to appear; Alzheimer’s, pressure, diabetes, heart issues.

It is a fact that the more we eat processed foods, the more we get inflamed.

Eat healthier, simple as that. For more muscle, eat more protein. Pick carbs like fruits and veggies. Remove omega 6 oils and fried foods.

1 tbsp corn oil has 7,280 mg omega 6, and soybean has 6,940 mg. use olive oils and butter more.

The animal fats have less than 20% omega 6 and are healthy. Forget all advice you got so far. This fat makes no problems as processed foods fat. Cholesterol does not make heart problems!

That theory made us think no fat diets are good, and this is what we get in the end. People were told to stay away from fat and eat omega 6.

Opt for whole foods in the old fashioned way. Go to a grocery store. Eliminate processed foods and not fresh foods. You will keep arteries healthier!

Source: getholistichealth.com