A Killer of Obesity – Only One Tablespoon Removes 30 Lbs a Month!

killer-obesity-one-tablespoon-removes-30-lbs-monthIf you want to lose weight, the best way is to boost the metabolic functions and speed up the metabolism. You must do it primarily with the foods you eat, so with natural ingredients, you will accelerate the metabolic working.

You cannot lose weight by starving. If you, however, combine healthy foods and eat regularly, you will have a good metabolism and weight loss.

From the University of Medical Sciences of Iran, the scientists made two separate groups with each having 44 female participants that were obese or with extra weight.

The women ere advised to eat healthy for 3 months, both groups, and they cut back on 500 calories daily.

In the first group, there was assigned 3 grams powder cumin a day with 140 gr yoghurt combination. The other group had the same grams of yoghurt but without cumin.

When 3 months passed, the group with cumin had lost 14 pounds compared to the other one.

The study gets even better if you see that the first group with cumin lost more than 14,64% fat and the second one only 4,91%.

Why did those with cumin lost more weight? Because this spice has in its structure sitosterol which regulates and lowers cholesterol in the body. So this is the reason why cumin is good for metabolic rates and speeding up the metabolism.


Article and Image Source: www.myhealthylifeguide.net