If Your Kidney Works Improperly, These Are The 8 Important Signs!

The vital functions are under the rib cage and cleanse/detox us. They can filter up to 150 quarts blood a day and keep the blood in good shape.

The kidneys deal with the waste materials and fluids in the body. They level the electrolytes and keep the bones strong since they are taking care of red blood cells and good pressure.

If Your Kidney Works Improperly, These Are The 8 Important Signs!


When the kidneys fail, the health fails too.

These signs mean the kidneys start to work worse and you must recognize this in time:

  1. Swelling- the face gets bloated and joints/limbs too. When the kidneys fail all excess fluids go to these body parts.
  2. Changed urinating- troubles with urinating, pressure, dark urine in small amounts, pale urine in large amounts, foamy urine, night urinating.
  3. Skin rash- many itches and rashes on the skin are due to this. It means the toxins go in the blood and the skin starts to look bad and dry. Cosmetics are not helping here, but camouflage the outside.
  4. Fatigue- if the kidneys are healthy they make EPO hormone that enlarges the number of red blood cells who transfer the oxygen. If they are too low, then we feel tired and the brain and muscles are tired too. Anemia is a common sign here.
  5. Short breaths- this is when the kidney is damaged all the way. The body has little oxygen since red blood cells are not enough in number. The number of these cells is linked to the toxins in the lungs.
  6. Metallic mouth taste- if the waste gets piled in the blood, we have a metal taste in the mouth. Also decreased appetite and taste in foods occur.
  7. Pain- the pain and aches occur in the upper back mostly. This is where the kidneys are. Also, pain is due to infected kidneys.
  8. Bad focus and feeling dizzy- the anemia goes along this. It means the brain does not get enough oxygen and the kidneys fail. The focus is missing and memory is bad. Also, you feel dizzy a lot.

Do the kidneys a favor and give the healthy foods with many antioxidants to keep them healthy.

Source: holisticlivingtips.com