Just One Exercise Without Moving Tightens Every Muscle Of The Body And Help You To Lose Weight

One of the most effective and popular exercises in the world is the “Plank”. It affects not just the abs, but also the other muscles of the body. You should always give it 5 minutes a day and the result will come very quickly.

The essence of the plank is that, you have to “float” above the floor minimum once a day for several minutes, relying just on the feet and hands. Without doubt, to be in a position like that even two minutes – is not an easy thing. While you are doing this exercise a large number of muscles are activated. From this exercise you will get tight ass without cellulite, a strong back, beautiful hands, flat stomach and shaped legs.


How to do this exercise

“Plank” is a static exercise that doesn’t require movement, so it is really important to keep your body properly.

Lie on the floor on your stomach. Bend the elbows 90° and set in the flying position on the elbows. The body have to form a straight line from the heels to the head. You have just to rely on the fingertips on your feet and on your forearms. The elbows have to be directly under the shoulders. You should keep your body as flat as you can, strain your abdominal muscles and don’t relax. Try not to lower the hips toward the floor.

Legs. The legs should be straight and tight, because the pressure in the right abdominal muscle that reserves the lumbar spine will be also reduced.

Feet. You should assemble them. It will be hard to keep the balance that will increase the pressure on your abdominal muscles.

Buttocks. Stretch and don’t relax until the end of the exercise, because this activates all of the muscle of the lower torso.

Stomach. Bring it in and try to even tuck it under the ribs in this position. During this exercise you should hold the stomach in such a position, but don’t hold the breath.

Lower back. This is the most important moment. For right execution of this exercise, the lower back should be flat. It must not be dented or curved, just image that the back adheres tightly to the wall.

Elbows. In order to avoid unnecessary burden on the shoulders, put the elbows directly below the shoulder joints.

Stay in this position as long as you can. At the beginning is enough for 10 seconds. People with different physical readiness, maintain this position for ten seconds to two minutes. After a pause of two minutes, repeat this exercise. Five repetitions are enough. If you are a beginner in this exercise, don’t try to break the record. Start slowly with the exercise.

It is really important to do this exercise every day at the same time.

The benefits of this exercise
Toned buttocks

This exercise is focused on your hamstrings legs and gluteal muscles. So you will not just get the wanted shaped of your buttocks, but you will also remove the cellulite.

Tight attractive feet

The main stress of this exercise falls on the feet. It includes all the muscles of the leg – from hip to the leaves. There is no space for worrying if you feel a burning sensation in the muscle – it is a sign that your muscles are working.

Strong back

During the exercise, the lower back muscles are active and also the neck part and the shoulders. This exercise can serve like a prevention for osteochondrosis in the lumbar spine and neck. It frees the pain between the shoulder blades and in the shoulders that happen as a result of carrying heavy bags or sitting at a desk for a long time.

Flat stomach

When your whole body is tense, it automatically triggers your abdominal muscles, to the side and bottom.

Stretched hands

Together with the feet, you intensively train the hands with this exercise. About half of the body weight is held on them.


Source: www.healthyfoodteam.com