With Just 3 Ingredients You Can Eliminate Stretch Marks And Cellulite

The stretch marks are not appealing let’s face it, and they emerge on almost all body parts. Mostly, legs, buttocks and breasts, but also hips and stomach. There are some reasons for this; sudden changes in weight is mostly the cause. It is the same if you lose it or gain it, the skin changes. If a woman is pregnant the skin on the belly will stretch and these marks will show. The good thing is you can try this DIY cure and remove these problems forever.

With Just 3 Ingredients You Can Eliminate Stretch Marks And Cellulite

Firstly, the splines show on our skin and they appear like scars, long and whitish or pinkish. They show on someone who lost or gained weight. But also they appear during adolescent growing crucial years. The skin stretches and thus the elastin and collagen fibers are torn.

Now cellulite is when adipose tissue is gathered in some areas and dimples show on the skin. It occurs due to fluid retention, bad blood flow, hormone imbalance and changes, bad diet and sedentary lifestyle.

Many cosmetics are just money wasters and don’t remove cellulite. Our recipe is cheap and resolves both these issues from above.

For both these treatments you first need healthier daily habits and lifestyle. Always workout, drink water, eat healthy and use such topical methods.

To exfoliate is a great way to keep skin pretty. It will remove dead skin cells and not just cellulite and marks.


  • 250 g sea salt
  • 250 g sugar cane
  • 100-150 ml argan oil
  • Make a mix of these 3 and get a paste ready for applying on skin areas. Massage in circles and do it for 2-3 minutes.


The sugar is exfoliator, and the sea salt has iodine among other elements and regenerates the skin, just like the argan oil. This is also known as palm oil and has a lot of vitamin E, the best one for skin and stopping premature aging of skin. It makes it softer, gentle and flexible or moisturized.


This cure for the skin must be used as soon as you notice marks or cellulite or first stages. If the marks are pinkish or red, it means the grooves are healed and turn white now. These white ones are impossible to remove, you can only nourish that skin.

Source: organichealthuniverse.com