6 Common Issues That Are Solved by Bananas Instead of Pills

issues-solved-bananasIf you love eating this fruit, you will also be happy to hear that it can heal a lot of problems too! Keep on reading for the double benefit of bananas.

They are a fruit that must be incorporated in almost every diet. They contain fibers, carbs, and sugars so this is a boost of energy from nature. They have a lot of calories, per fruit serving, but also useful calories that solve health issues too.

See for yourself – eat one banana and feel the boost. Plus, they are a favourite to almost all people. But, did you know that a banana can be better than a PILL? The medicines are easy to get addicted to and suffer from side effects, so replace them with fruit now.

  1. Digestive issues (constipation and gas)

This fruit is a probiotic – this means they stimulate digestion of food overall. They are in a way a natural and really weak laxative. Because they have these properties and keep the digestion working full time, they will remove gas as well. If your digestion tract is working all the time, the gas in the intestines will be nonexistent or reduced at least. The pectin in the bananas blocks heavy metals and toxins in the body.

  1. Stress

The stress impacts the metabolism directly and this makes the potassium in the body drop low. Take a banana each morning and regulate the potassium, the sugars, and the energy levels. Also, keep your heart healthy this way.

  1. Blood pressure

Many people have hypertension because they have potassium deficit too and also eat too much salt every day. The potassium links and binds the salt from food and expels it from the body. So, munch bananas and have a normal heart and pressure.

  1. PMS

These fruits have B6 which is crucial for glucose functioning and levels. If this is regulated, the PMS symptoms are not worse than before. Also, the bananas decrease chances of bloating and cramps, or even mood changes.

  1. Depression

There Is tryptophan in the bananas and this is basically a happy hormone, like serotonin. Depression is not CURED by eating them, but it can temporarily help with mood swings and blues.

  1. Weight loss

They taste really good and are great for any diet regime. Also, because they have a lot of fiber that is water soluble, they help in maintaining healthy weight; the digestive tract is worked up nicely with these compounds, water is absorbed and digestion is proper. For the food, it sits longer inside to make you feel fuller.


Article and Image Source: http://holisticlivingtips.com/2015/06/11/6-problems-that-bananas-solves-better-than-pills/