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How to consume the bitter melon

Unlike some veggies and fruits it is best to choose a bitter melon that is still green and firm. If the bitter melon is turning orange or maybe has soft spots, you should avoid those, because the riper the melon gets, the bitter the taste is.

Clean the bitter melon under running cold water and brush it with a soft brush for vegetables.

In India the bitter melon is used in either stir-fries or stuffed with tomato, garam-masala, green chilies, onions, curry leaves and garlic.

Goya chanpuru, Okinawantir-fry with onion, bitter melon, pork, tofu, and eggs, is a special dish of the island inhabitants.

In the Philippines it is known as ampalaya, and it has been used in some special dishes like the Pinakbet Ilocano, mixed with vegetables like okra and eggplant and prepared with shrimp paste.

Ground whole bitter gourd, and dried, has been used in the preparation of milk or iced tea in some East Asian countries.

The bitter gourd has been used in the pickle preparation.

You should try the bitter melon if you can withstand that bitter taste. It has many beneficial properties. We can say that this food is almost the ideal food and you should include it into your diet!