Is This The New Cancer Healing Plant?

Health Benefits of Bitter Melon

1. Eye problems: The high content of beta carotene and the other healthy properties in the bitter melon make it one of the greatest vegetable-fruit that improves the eyesight and alleviate the eye problems.


2. Type 2 Diabetes: The bitter melon contains polypeptide-P. phyto-nutrient and a plant insulin, known to lower the blood sugar levels. The bitter melon has a unique phyto-constituent that has a hypoglycemic effect called charantin. The charantin increases the glycogen synthesis and glucose uptake inside the cells of the liver, adipose tissue, and muscle. These two together reduce the blood sugar levels in the people with type 2 diabetes.


3. Hangovers: the bitter melon is able to help relieve the hangovers by speeding up the metabolism of alcohol. Also, it helps repair, cleanse and nourish the liver issues due to alcohol consumption.


4. Liver Cleanse: The bitter melon, especially if you consume it like a juice, helps cleanse and detoxify the liver. It improves the blood circulation and also relieves the gout pain.


5. Excellent source of folates: the folates, when are taken by the mothers during the pregnancy, would help reduce the incidence of neural tube defects in the babies.


6. Energy: the regular consumption of bitter juice improves the stamina and energy level. Even the sleeping patterns have been shown to be stabilized/improved.


7. Psoriasis: If you consume the bitter juice regularly, it can improve the psoriasis condition and some other fungal infections like athletes feet and ring-worm.


8. Immune booster: This juice can help to build the immune system and to increase the resistance of the body against infection.


9. Constipation/Indigestion: The bitter melon stimulates the digestion and peristalsis of food through the bowel until its removal from the organism.

Health Benefits of Bitter Melon