Insomnia? – Here is How to Fall Asleep Naturally

The lifestyle and diet of modern people are the best recipe for those sleepless nights. Everybody’s mind is in continual movement, while the body sits sedentarily. The senses are continually bombarded with disturbing and stimulating sensations. The insomnia is a problem for many people in the world. About 30 percent of the adults from different countries report 1 or more symptoms.

The 5 Elements

The butter and bread of the Tibetan Medicine boils compresses to a simple understanding of the universe that is built by 5 elements:

  • Water
  • Earth
  • Wind
  • Fire
  • Space

The idea in the Tibetan Medicine is similar to the Chinese and Ayurveda Medicine, and it is that these 5 elements have basic characteristics. This can be easily seen just by observing our environment. The Earth is heavy and stable. The wind is mobile and light. Pretty basic. The wind is the element that is usually involved in the insomnia, because it controls our:

  • Heart
  • Breathing
  • The clarity of the senses
  • Central nervous system
  • The expelling of impurities
  • The movement of our mind and body

Why you can’t sleep?

One of the characteristic of the wind is the movement, and too much movement can be the reason for it to become disrupted. Some usual examples of this include:

  • too much talking
  • an overactive mind
  • excessive physical activity

They are really bad when done on an empty stomach. The cause of overactive mind can be:

  • any type of high-stress situation in which our minds can’t settle
  • work that involves a very high level of multi-tasking
  • very exciting experience
  • emotional/mental trauma

Too much talking speaks for itself. The excessive activity is usually a problem when is done on an empty stomach, but also we can include the bad nutrition and the excessive sweating. In the core, if the life feels like a tornado or a hurricane, we shouldn’t be taken by surprise if we have some symptoms of a disturbed wind, and the insomnia like a result.