6 Natural Ingredients that lower the level of blood sugar

If you suffer from diabetes and you want to eat healthy food, read which ingredients can help you.


One research says that just half teaspoon cinnamon daily can help you to lower the blood sugar if you have diabetes type 2. Some ingredients in the cinnamon can activate the releasing of the insulin, so it can convert the glucose into energy. You can put this spice on fresh fruits, cereals with milk or with your morning coffee.


Garlic can reduce the level of blood sugar, and it is rich in flavonoids that can regulate the production of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant in the cells that helps in reducing the development of cancer. You can add the garlic in almost every meal, so it is a great choice for your soups, salads and meats.


There is not a specific research for this spice, but people say that this Indian spice has a positive effect on the blood sugar.


This fruit is rich in anthocyanin, and one research from the last year has shown that women who eat cherries very often, have reduced insulin resistance.


The results published in the magazine “Diabetes Care” have shown that the consuming of a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water before every meal has great effect on the organism. The people who had apple cider vinegar experienced smaller blood glucose spikes.