Improve Your Vision simply and naturally

improve-your-visionHow important is our vision to us? Everyone could forget their reading glasses once in a while but then might angry because of it.

But you will never need to feel the same once you get to know this utterly practical tip. Physics does hold the answers to many questions. But we couldn’t know them all. That’s why the people behind MinutePhysics decided to make it up easier for us. Please look at the video and get freely amazed by the knowledge you’ve gained.


After all, it is always good to maintain and improve your vision’s health

We all have heard from here or there what suppose to be good for our eyes. So let’s remind ourselves which were some of them:

  • Vitamins A, E and C are well known to protect our body and its health in many ways. And lutein and zeaxanthin, found in the macula of the eye, protect your eyes from the bad influence of the UV light rays. These ultraviolet rays can cause photooxidation to our eyes. Here are some vegetables that have much of lutein and zeaxanthin: many leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale, parsley, brussels sprouts then chicory, collards broccoli and similar, but also in the pumpkin, squash, and peas.
  • The Other Vitamin, and maybe the most important one would be the Vitamin D. The positive result of its intake has been constantly proven among the people. Also, the lack of this vitamin could make a vision impairment and eye defects. What does this vitamin do? It reduces retina’s inflammation and improves your vision. One way to get this vitamin is the Sun. Sadly, the sunglasses block this process, so maybe you would like to consider to take them out at least when UV radiation is low. The other way is taking food rich in this vitamin.
  • Third most important things are the Omega-3 fatty acids which are commonly known to be found in  the sea fish. Some of the ones containing the most it are salmon, tuna, sardines and similar. This fatty acid cannot be produced by our body, therefore, it’s been named as essential fatty acid. Lacking these fatty acids could lead to a disorder of our optic nerve, appearing as glaucoma. Eskimos, having sea fish as the main dish on a daily basis is proven to be the nation with lowest rate of glaucoma among the population. Another way of intake of these fatty acids is the breastfeeding milk, which should probably be just another reason for keeping it as a good practice.

No doctor will tell you that the eyeglasses or contact lenses will weaken your eyesight. Therefore, it is our big responsibility to keep it in good shape through all other noninvasive and natural ways. One of the best would be the natural food, which cannot harm the other processes of our body through its intake.

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