Immediately Get One of These Plants to Prevent Your Health From Radiation, Chemicals and Cigarette Smoke

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The fern, fig and dragon tree are the best radiation fighting plants for the home. They also remove bad odors of paints, pollution, cleansers and chemicals.

It is best to have a plant on every 74 feet in the house for a clean and nice air. These are the benefits of the amazing trio of plants mentioned above:


The fig is battling with the cigarette smoke and odor and makes the smell neutral. Also, it reduces carbon dioxide, monoxide and other chemicals as well. Place it somewhere convenient so it does not get attacked from draft and direct sunlight.


This makes formaldehyde effects neutral and removed as well, also this dangerous toxin evaporates from curtains, paint, glue, detergents, but this plants removes this odor. Also, it must not be under direct sunlight and needs moisture, a lot.

Dragon tree

This plant is amazing for making the air pure and reduces formaldehyde as well. In the same time, it makes the home nicely decorated and is stable against drastic temperature changes. Easy to maintain since it needs water daily and semi-bright spots. No direct sun on it.



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